Braid’s Creator’s Reveals Next Game: The Witness

There’s been a lot of great Xbox Live Arcade game that have been released over the last couple years, but one of the most memorable games was Braid. Created by Jonathan Blow, Braid not only took the mind of players and twisted it like a wet rag with it’s puzzles and challenging levels, but the stories and how it was told really showed gamers and there could be more to a simple 2D side scroller. And naturally, gamers have been wondering what Blow will give us next.
Well in a new article on Blow’s official development blog not only give detailed, but some concept art has been revealed for his the next game called: The Witness. Blow really goes in-depth on his plans for not only The Witness, but the future of games, and how he will create, and develop them. “For the past 15 years or so, graphics technology in games has been driven by shooters,” said Blow in one of his most recent articles. “Most shooters generate visual interest in their scenes by having lots of dynamic lights, with extreme use of bump mapping, and moving shadows, and particle effects. For The Witness, I wanted to develop a graphical style that values simplicity. It would be suited to mellower environments, with both indoor and outdoor settings.”

Blow goes further in-depth about “full real-time global illumination” and how this would bring the player closer to the game and talks about how 3D gaming maybe able to help him with this. The Witness’ official development will be the place to watch for more updates and Blow promises to get us up to speed through further blog entries. For the official development blog for The Witness click here. And for any update tune into

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