Halo Reach Multiplayer Vid Leaked (Update)

We woke up this morning to a video leaked onto YouTube that features Halo Reach multiplayer in action. A Taiwanese site has posted the video online and given the Halo fanbase a collective squeeeee!

Of course, this video could be fake. I personally don’t think it is. It is too well done to be a fake. Bungie is set to announce something today in the way of multiplayer, so it won’t be long until we find out for sure.

One of the most exciting things seen in the video is jetpacks. Being able to get vertical in a hurry should really change how we travel through maps and get the drop on our opponents. There are other mods mentioned as well, including Headhunter and Invasion. We also see a hint at something called Loadouts, which I would speculate are abilities you can unlock that may be armor specific.

If this is real, I am really excited for May 3rd to get here.

Thanks to Game

(Update) That was fast. Bungie has posted the official video on their YouTube and it’s identical. Squeeeeeee!

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