Is There Any Point To Achievements?

Gone are the days where you and your buddies boot up GoldenEye and play 4 player split-screen just for fun and not earning or accomplishing anything other than guns. Gone are the days when you play through an entire game and clear it on hard difficulty and then boast about it too your friends only for them to tell you that you didn’t beat it. We now have these things, you might have heard of them there called achievements. OK so everyone knows what they are and what they do, but is there any point to them?

No achievements here!

Some will say YES and some will say NO but if you say you don’t care then you must be kidding me and I will tell you why. Achievement collecting can be an addictive affair, when your desperately trying to get that one achievement on a game so you can eventually showboat and then move onto another game. Obviously some gamers don’t just go hunting for that perfect 1000G on every game instead we play through the game for the storyline, gameplay etc but then what happens after you beat it, should you move on? and forget about all the extra stuff you could be doing in that game that you wouldn’t be doing on a normal playthrough. What achievements are actually good for is they make you replay a game once or even twice and provide goals that you normally would not go for, things like killing so many enemies with a certain weapon, collecting a certain amount of stuff & clearing a mission in a certain time all these things add an extra incentive to playing games and having some fun in the mean time.

Just hanging around!

But where I draw the line is when achievements become impossible to obtain, one example was the Marathon achievement on Trials HD. It required you to complete a tournament without any faults, now if you have played Trials HD you know that it is impossible not to crash on the harder stages. I can’t tell you how many times I tried to get that achievement and failed, now I know there has been an update which made the tournament shorter, but it’s still way too hard and requires a serious amount of skill which obviously I don’t have. There was a similar experience with Modern Warfare 2, my buddy and I where helping each other on Spec Ops, we argued and got pissed off at each other but when we got the 69 Stars and the achievement popped up I got a sense of accomplishment that I never got from simply just beating a game, this is why I think the idea of bringing achievements to games was brilliant. They don’t just add a magical and ever rising number to your gamertag instead I it adds another dimension to games allowing to branch away from the storyline and have some fun. So my answer is yes achievements do have a point. They have a crucial part to play in games, they enhance the gameplay add an extra incentive to play games repeatedly. Do you care about achievements or not? Leave a comment below telling me so.

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  • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

    I definately care about achievements but not to the point where i must have all 1000 (or more) for each game. but, i do like to try and have more per game that any of my friends who have played the same game.

  • Here’s the thing, I like the idea of games having achievements, but I really don’t care about them. I buy the game to enjoy just the game whether it’s a play through or two of single player, or extensive multiplayer games. When an achievement is unlocked, I say oh cool, what did I get that for and continue on. I know a lot of people who buy game after game just to beat it 100% (1000GS) but why? just so you can say you have a higher score than your friend? Who cares. I’d rather them say I beat the game on the hardest difficulty, can you? and then I try to beat it as well. Sure, some achievements I look at and it makes me want to push harder to unlock it as I progress through the game, but I don’t over do it. I’ll just move onto the next game because I did what I intended to do when I bought the game; play it.

  • TheLegionMaster

    This is a interesting Article. i remember back in the day when we used to play Goldeneye it was fun. Collecting Achievements is fun and busy makes you play the game more than less playing making it worth the money.

  • I think achievements are great and really have added to the gaming experience. That being said, I don’t have the time or inclination to go for 1000 points on all the games I play. I think some of them are way to hard and unachievable, which kind of misses the point.

    I do wish more games on other platforms would add them. I like iPhone games with them.

  • Nicely said. I love achievements myself however there are becoming to many games with stupidly hard and pointless achievements! The mass effect achievements deffo give the game a replay factor as I’ve found myself replaying the game just to get one achievement.

    My personal opinion is achievements are great! The only time I don’t like them is when I find myself wasting away in my bedroom hunting that last achievement down instead of doing college work lol.

  • UltimateSin

    Achievements for me give you a little more replayability. I consider myself an achievement hunter not a whore.

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  • gern

    Good article. I like achievements and it has this effect of making me want to play the game for a little longer. I’ve only had my xbox 360 for 5 months, but I didn’t really get interested in them until I was playing Madden 08. I got tired of playing the same football game, but achievements were something else to strive for, otherwise I would have put it away. Right now I’m playing PGR 3 racing and have 12 trophies, but I’m continuing for all 22 just to get an achievement. Without achievements, I would put away PGR3 because it is getting to be a boring game.