Portal Update Leads to Possible Sequel

Back when The Orange Box came out one of the most popular and really less promoted game was Portal. After beating the game Players had two things on their mind one” the Song at the end credits, and when would we be seeing the return of GLaDOS? But now Steam has released a patch that not only adds an additional achievement titled “Transmission Received,” which you unlock after you “put the radio on the red button on the first stage,” the new patch also included a couple clues that may hint towards a sequel.
Steam users have found that players have a whole new to do list of task to complete as they play through the game. The hidden objectives make players By picking up radios and standing on buttons, new radios (with red lights) are hidden in the test chambers, the radio light turns green, triggering segments of Morse code just begging to be deciphered. Steam users have found 26 new sound files containing around 17 minutes of Morse code. The first file has been translated to read: “interior transmission active external data line active message digest active”.
I myself would be ecstatic if a new Portal game was released, I think what got people into the game was Valve’s ideas to combine puzzles and humor, I think games like Sam and Max, The Secret of Monkey Island, and more have been such a success because everyone love a puzzle game, but when you add comedy like GLaDOS in the mix, that game’s puzzle aren’t so frustrating, and you wanna keep playing because the humor of the game keeps you coming back. As for the cryptic messages, Valve is doing a great job teasing people about a sequel, and from all the data, and information surfacing on the Steam forums, it sure looks like Valve put a lot of work into these messages, and I think a developer like Valve wouldn’t do that for nothing. For more codes, radios, and forbidden cakes tune into

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