GameHounds Episode 101: Pigs In a Blanket

microphoneOh my god, you guys! I’m so sorry!

I got so distracted by the tons of crap going on in my real life that I totally spaced and forgot to post the GameHounds episode. I uploaded it to the server, and then I forgot to actually post it!

So, this week, we were Hawkesless. Edie Sellers and Holy Goalie pick up the pace with a full week of gaming news, including:

  • Nintendo officially debuts the DSi XL with a pricetag of $190. Wow.
  • Sonic fanboys are calling for a boycott of Sonic 4 by buying old copies of Sonic 1 on Sonic 4’s release date. No really. Stop laughing.
  • Random stuff, emails, fun, and of course, the Kracken.


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