Get Your Code for the Blur Xbox 360 Beta

Bizarre Creations’ upcoming combat racer, Blur, has an Xbox 360 beta starting on March 8th–and we have 50 codes to give away. Here’s what you have to do: nothing. Just be one of the first 50 folks to reply below with an email address where we can send your code, and we’ll hook you up. (of course, if you wanted to show your gratitude with an iTunes review or something like that–we won’t stop you, either) See you on the streets!

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  • Jeffrey

    thanks very much for giving away some codes! =D

  • Ruben M

    Yay! Thank You!

  • Adolfo R

    Good stuff guys.

  • Alheli

    How awesome of you. I am the gamer chick that left the itunes review. See you on the streets. lol

  • itunes review most definatly for a free blur beta code! thank you PlatformNation!

  • tacomagoat

    Awesome, love the Fanboys podcast

  • dave

    thanks guys

  • yukon-cornelius

    iTunes review successfully posted by “rmalsch” … thanks guys!

  • Bryan

    Thank you guys 🙂

  • Rob

    I’ll take a code if you still have them. thanks.

  • Will G.

    I would love a “Blur” beta code if you still have them. Thank you!

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    this looks so much fun!!!!!

  • Daniel M.

    Hey, a code? What fun!

  • Would love one!

  • Vibes

    I would also love a code and i find it cool that your giving them out thank you platformnation

  • David Glover
  • Jimmy Smith


  • Danvolio Coucill

    This will be great

  • Quint S

    Thanks for the code.

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Adam

    Cool, Thank you for the code

  • Homer

    Yeah, its gonna be a cool game

  • chris
  • disco monkey

    I would like a code please

  • pepsipunk

    hey! this sounds very cool, definitely would love a code