June Shows Sims 3 Has Ambitions

Just like Nickelback, Sims 3 is one of those things that everyone seems to dislike in public and love in private. Also like Nickelback, Sims 3 has sold extraordinary amounts of copies!

The Sims franchise has been living and predominant in gaming since the first title was released in early 2000. Selling more than 100 million copies as of 2008 and adding another 19+ million copies of The Sims 3 since released in 2009, the Sims is (contrary to all WoW lovers) the best selling PC game in history.

This June The Sims 3 will see yet another expansion (as we always get from EA). Ambitions will add two sides to every action in The Sims 3, letting you choose to heal sick children or use them for experiments (if your profession is a doctor). Ambition will add an entire new dynamic to playing your virtual you- who let’s face it, is much prettier than you in real life- which will make everything your Sim does in their day a hell of a lot more complicated and thought provoking.

Sometimes it seems that the Sims (and the expansions) have no real direction, does Fable-ing up the series mean more serious direction for the Sims. Or, do they believe that they are the serious ones out of the crew. All I know is, my girlfriend will be very excited!

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  • UltimateSin

    My hatred for Nickelback follows me everywhere, private and public.

  • I can’t wait for sims 3 Ambition to come out!!! Im so exicted!! I heard it was coming out in June but im not sure