Platform Nation – Game Of The Month February 2010

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Platform Nation – February 2010, Game of the Month.

We all expected 2010 to be a year full of potentially great games and so far the big releases have generally delivered.  Since no-one has the ability to pause time to play every single game the Platform Nation team get together each month to pick out the must-play games and of course award one lucky game with the title of Game of the Month.

All platforms are considered and every game released in the month can be nominated. So which game will join our January winner, Mass Effect 2?

After the dust had settled from our voting, two games stood out above the rest and Platform Nation’s Jeremiah Night summed it up nicely when he said “this month is tricky, due to having two game entry’s that tried to be more than the average game”. I am sure you can guess which two they were, but I will keep you in suspense for just a while longer as to which one came out on top.

Three games shared 3rd place with around 5% each of the vote. Despite being the fastest selling game of 2010 so far (in the UK at least), Alien vs Predator failed to do enough to claim the monthly prize. White Knight Chronicles and Plants vs. Zombies also pulled in 5% of the vote.  It is great to see a $2.99 game receive so much praise and hold its own against some of the heavy weight games that were released in February.

In 2nd place with approximately 40% of the vote is Heavy Rain for the PlayStation 3.  Heavy Rain is an interactive fiction video game which has received critical acclaim.  Jump over to this Platform Nation article for more information on this fantastic game.

And walking away with the February 2010 Platform Nation Game of the Month is none other than BioShock 2. The sequel see the player returning to the fictional dystopian city Rapture with the game set eight years after the events of BioShock. Fans were relieved that the sequel did not destroy the memory of the first game and some would even argue that Bioshock 2 improves on BioShock. There have been many articles on Platform Nation discussing BioShock and if you have not experienced the game I’d recommend following one of these links and reading up on some the buzz about the game and then of course picking up the game itself.

Single Player Review

Multiplayer Review

BioShock 2 is Okay

Congratulations 2K Games and thanks for delivering a worthy sequel.

March should be a close call yet again with some massive releases e.g. God of War 3, and Final Fantasy 13 to name just two.  As always Platform Nation will keep you up to date with all the news you need to know about anything video game related.

SO do you agree with our decision? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts or why not contact the podcast ([email protected] or call us at 484-99-GAMER) and vent your anger at why your favorite game was not mentioned.

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  • UltimateSin

    My #1 pick you have been Heavy Rain. Bioshock 2 is a great game, but Heavy Rain, wowed me.