PlayStation Phone Vs Microsoft’s “Project Pink”

Today Gizmodo reported that Microsoft sent them a load of marketing material to support it’s not-yet-announced “Project Pink” that shows off what seems to be a Zune/Smartphone mix with a slide-out keyboard. At the same time, the Wall Street Journal has reported Sony is working on a PlayStation Phone, that will be part smartphone, part PSP, Netbook and E-Reader.

Now there aren’t too many facts on the PlayStation Phone, on the other hand there is some concrete details to Microsoft’s new iPhone clone. Both of these mentioned companies are far behind Apple in portable sales, and Apple now owns quite a large margin of cell phone percentages world-wide as well, so this news is neither shocking or out of the blue.

Hopefully more info will be sent out about both parties new products, I’ll keep you up to date.

Thanks to Gizmodo for the picture.

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  • Hmm… Wonder why they call it “project pink”… it’s not pink.

  • Wyatt Fossett (Sheriff Earp)

    maybe they will make a pink one? kinda like Natal .. does not look Natal-ish at all!

  • Bill

    This article seems ridiculed with Apple Fanboyism…..I own an Iphone but the amount of love for apple is beyond ridiculous.