Socom 4 Announced

Sony’s mystery title was finally announced today on the PlayStation EU blog.  Zipper Interactive, developer of the recent online only FPS MAG, have been secretly working on the next installment of the game that everyone knows Zipper Interactive for.   SOCOM 4 will be releasing exclusively on the PS3.

So what can you expect from this thrilling new title from Zipper Interactive? While retaining the pillars of previous SOCOM games (team work, authenticity and innovative online play) this is an all new SOCOM experience created from the ground up for the PlayStation 3. You’ve never played a SOCOM game like this.

Here’s the story:

In South East Asia, a revolutionary army has seized control of a country bordering one of the world’s most vital waterways; threatening to disrupt he global economy.

Your mission is to step into the well-worn boots of the Ops Com, a NATO Operations Commander of an elite, five-man squad. You must venture deep into inhospitable jungles, city streets and crumbling urban ruins to engage an army of rebel fighters and discover their plans. Although you’re vastly outnumbered, you’re armed with the latest weaponry and your men are second to none – but do you possess the stealth, speed and tactical thinking to lead them to victory? Time is not on your side: you have just six days to complete your mission. To emerge victorious, you must lead from the front, maintain control of the situation and fight with sheer intensity.

In addition to the gripping new single-player story mode, you’ll find all of the different ways to play that you’d expect from a SOCOM title. Online, you’ll be able to do battle with other teams in matches for up to 32 players – and you can choose to play in the guise of more world-famous Special Forces units than ever before. And – as it’s SOCOM – the realism of the experience will be second to none. As always, teamwork will carry the day.

After the less than stellar release of SOCOM Confrontation, by Slant Six, I’m sure Zipper Interactive will go overboard to revive the SOCOM name back to the level it was in the PS2 era.  Based on the screen shots provided, the game is looking great and we should be able to see more with the trailer releasing tomorrow on the EU PS Blog.  We’ll keep you posted on any further information on this new title.

Source  – EU Sony PlayStation Blog

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