Steam Rumored For The Mac

Since the release of Steam PC Gamers have been able to download, recommend, and communicate with other PC Gamers, and now rumors have been surfacing that Valve maybe working on bringing Steam to the Mac. Some of the new features included in the beta allows players to sort their games, and allows them to track all of their achievements in a more traditional fashion, but what really caught Beta users attention was when they uncovered Mac OS specific graphics in the code. after digging a little deeper through the files users found some OS graphic of the open maximize and minimize jewel icons that are used in the operating systems windows, users also found dock graphics and specific OS X menu files.

I use Steam and I think it’s a great feature, with PC I personally think the problem with PC Games is the lack of advertisement, there’s been time when I purchased a game on the Xbox 360, and didn’t even know the game came out for the PC, now that really wouldn’t stop me from buying it on a console, but it just seems to surprise me, also when gems are download only I really don’t see them advertised as well. I have played games I would have never been able to find and enjoy and passed on a lot of games from talking to people on the community Steam forums and I think Steam has a major part in keeping PC games sales alive. And I would love to see Mac gamers get to use this, everyone know that Mac gamers almost always get snubbed in the gaming world. This may also unlock the door way for Steam to support iPhone gaming apps as well. The any updates on the future of Steam tune into

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