Digital Cowboys: Episode 146

DC 146

Charity Gaming Marathon.

This is an account of what happened last weekend. Tony and I spent a whole day trying to get as many points as possible on a single new Xbox account. The aim was 5000. In return our community made donations to Medecins Sans Frontieres; an independent aid organization currently saving lives in Haiti and Chile.

What you have here is the 54-minute version of that whole day. I found that the best way to contextualize it was to edit together the sound clips with occasional narration in the style of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It’s definitely not your average podcast.

From the moment we began, we had a chatroom open with a webcam broadcasting our progress to our community. You guys were there for us round the clock, even during the desolate early hours of Sunday morning. We’d like to thank all who kept our spirits us and supported this endeavor. Also our deep gratitude goes out to all who donated.

Thanks to Paul, Lizz, Jeremy, Sassy, Finlay, Steve, Linda, Carolyn, Tim, Bowlby, Superslug, Ted, Joe, McFluffin, Edie, Brandon, James, Chris and Kelly Brown (Especially Chris who does a guest spot in this very show) Dukebox, My barber, Malcolm, Sam, Gareth, Phil, Jeff, Mike, Dean, Quizzical Demon, UGN, Bernard, Gary, John, Sinan, Michael, Elmo and everyone else.

And of course MASSIVE thanks to Giles who arranged this whole thing with us and donated £750.

If you wish to donate, the page is here

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