Target Demographic – Episode 086: Sidney Crosby IS Hockey

Show Summary:
The crew is STILL a man down (Wayne sat this show out to avoid being made fun of for something so awful I can’t mention it here). The Three Amigos (what we wanted to call the show from the beginning… but there were four of us) soldier on with tales of Heavy Rain, television, and cell phones. The Community also makes a small comeback with a some emails and code giveaways.

Around the Pool Table:
– Playing Heavy Rain
– Got a Nexus One

– Playing – Bioshock 2
– Playing – Heavy Rain
– Playing – Plants v. Zombies
– Listening to PN Podcasts
– Watched Olympic Hockey
– Watched – The Informant
– Went to Reno to see a concert that was canceled a couple hours before it started.

– Watched Olympics
– Playing more PvZ on iPhone – game awesome iPhone, not so much
– Waching Dexter season 3, Everest Beyond the Limit: Season 2
– Watched The Hurt Locker and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang again.
– Played Halo 3!!!

TD Newscast (all sources are links):
– PS3 Meltdown (via 1up.come)
– Leadership Transition at Infinity Ward (via Destructoid)

Mr Matt’s Album of the Week:
– The Enemy – We’ll live and die in these towns

The Community:
– Email from Alphathon and Craig Wagner
– Blur Beta Code Contest. Email us or post below with a main topic or contest idea, and well send you a code (while they last).

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