Xbox 360 HDD Transfer Kit Now Available To Buy

A long time ago, when Microsoft released the Xbox 360 Elite, they allowed people who bought it and already had an Xbox to order the Xbox 360 Hard Drive Data Migration Transfer Kit (yes, that title is slightly redundant). For a small fee, it would transfer most, if not all, of your files over (and would tell you which files didn’t transfer, so you could download them again for free over Live). Reportedly having been gone for a while, the kit was never sold individual in stores, but did come with larger HDDs.

Microsoft has now announced that you can buy the kit by itself from the Microsoft Store for $14.99. This is pretty much the only option for people who have gotten an Xbox 360 HDD from more “illicit” means, such as buying a used one or the like. Given that many players still have the 20 gig original drive (like me, who is down to a third of a gig), it’s time to upgrade for most. Recent bundles have come with a 250 gig drive.

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