Battlefield Bad Company 2 Connection Issues

If you’ve bought the chart-topping Battlefield Bad Company 2 you have more than likely taken the game online and struggled with some connection errors. EA has sent out a message addressing the connection issues, assuring service should resume shortly. PC and 360 Players will have to deal with the outages for a while longer as existing servers are restarted and new servers added. The PS3 servers however are apparently back to normal and players should have no problem killing each other by tank, helicopter and boat.

Being a PC player myself I am angry that EA has once again managed to underestimate server load for their game. I would think 3 million demo downloads and the problems that existed for every other Frostbyte-based Battlefield game and Beta would give them a good hint, but apparently no.

As you may have heard, due to a high surge in traffic over the weekend, the Bad Company 2 servers encountered outages.  I wanted to tip you and your readers that the EA team is hard at work at fixing the problem.  Here’s an overview of the current server status:

More Info:

–     X360 was severely impacted, and the service is being restarted. It should be back online and we are monitoring closely.

–     PC had an outage, but the service is offline currently and the service is being restarted. It should be back online and we are monitoring closely.  We will then start checking the quality of the customer experience to determine possible next steps.

–     PS3 appeared to have a brief outage, but has quickly recovered and the services is functioning properly at this time.
All teams are working on diagnosing and remediating the issue, including adding additional servers to help alleviate the load.  The EA team sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience and I’ll continue to provide you with further updates on the latest developments as they are occur.

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  • Patrick

    I encountered the connection issues on the p.c version, very frustrating stuff indeed. However, the solution, at least on p.c, is very, very easy to apply. All you need do is go to the punkbuster website, find the fix for battlield:bad company 2, and cayy out the instructions there to the t. All it involves is replacing the punbuster files that came with the game with the new ones on the site and you are all set. The new files go in the same place in the game file directory of course and you should be done in less than two mins. I haven had a problem since I applied the fix, whereas, when I got the game, I couldnt get ANY connections to any games at all whatsoever.

    • jony1710

      there is a update thing where all you do is click it and select the game you wan’t to update as well. thanks. you sorted out my connection problem :)tyvm