My Impression Of Blur

This weekend some of us had the opportunity to take a first look into the Blur beta.  I was excited to take a look at this arcade style racing game that is mixed with a little vehicle combat for good measure.  Just one thing before I proceed I am not a racing fan and I don’t like games that involve nothing but driving.  So did the Blur beta change my opinion about racing games?  Yes it did and there are a few reasons why Blur has done what no other racing game that I have played has done for me in the past.

For one as I mentioned above Blur adds vehicle combat to an already exciting race for the next power-up while eying the finish line.  The beta only allowed players to rank to level 10 and unlock only a small percentage of the cars that are available in the full game but the ones I was able to use where a good match to the tracks I was racing on.  We had only a few  tracks that we where able to race on and the wait in the lobby was minimal even though not many people where playing the beta.  Once you where ready to start racing you where able to chose as a group of what track you wanted to race on.  The beta offers four game modes, six tracks and 14 licensed vehicles and this was only a tease of what the game has to offer.

Now onto the controls.  The controls where tight and responsive and felt right for the game and are just simple to use and remember. The power-ups available on the track where spread out enough and respawned in a timely fashion that allowed all players the opportunity to grab the power-ups.  My favorite power-up besides the Nitro boast was the Bolt that allows the player to shoot bolts at the other players.  The other nice thing about the power-ups where that you could use them either forward or backward, which kept you looking forward to the players ahead of you and the player behind you through the rear view mirror as you never knew what direction the next attack on your vehicle was coming from.

I don’t want to spoil all the things about the beta that is being released today, but I will say one thing if you are a racing fan or maybe on the fence about arcade style racing games be sure to check out the Blur beta you will not be disappointed and if you didn’t score a beta code and you still need one let us know and we will get one out to you (not many codes left).

Be sure to keep an eye right here for any new details involving Blur and be sure to check out the Blur website for all new details on the game that is set to release May 25, 2010 in the US and May 28, 2010 in the UK for the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC.

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