NHL 2K11 Sports Canuck Kesler

Ryan Kesler (my boy) from the Vancouver Canucks will be gracing the cover of Take-Twos’ NHL 2K11.

After Take-Two announced that the Wii version of their hockey franchise will be the only version making a return next year it seems necessary to include a Canadian team player on the cover. There have been a handful of Canadian Team players on the cover but none as well liked as Ryan Kesler (empty net goal against Canada aside).

The 2K sports hockey franchise has always been in a distant second place behind EAsports’ NHL set. A distant second that adds new meaning to the term “first place loser”. I understand their hiatus from all versions besides the Wii because let’s face it, they are the only hockey game on the Wii. It is kind of hard to lose when you have no competition yet somehow 2K hockey for the Wii is lackluster at best. Take-Two will be taking the time off full blown Hockey coverage in order to reassess their franchise and ensure that when they do return to the ice, it will be a stiff competition.

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  • UltimateSin

    So no NHL 11 for this year? Weak.

  • Wyatt Fossett (Sheriff Earp)

    there will be EA NHL 11, just not on Wii.