Register Your New Copy Of FFXIII For Your Own Avatar PSICOM Uniform

I went out and picked up the new Final Fantasy this morning and so far it’s been fantastic.  What I wanted to let you in on was Square Enix’s extra gift to you.  By registering your Square Enix products you can earn online rewards and in the case of FFXIII you can get your very own PSICOM Hunter/Huntress Uniform for your Avatar.  Just a heads up, the membership process on Square-Enix.xom was a pain.  Tedious and seemingly unnecessary steps like asking me twice to confirm my gender then warning me angrily “You cannot change your gender after registration!” plagued my entire set up.  Hopefully you find the time it takes away from actual game play to be worth it.

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  • CaptainMurdo

    Anyone have a spare Xbox code? I’d love the outfit but got the PS3 version instead. I could swap for a Cerberus code or Heavy Rain soundtrack if needed.