Sony Calls “First” In The HD Movie Department

Honestly, I didn’t know there were still things gaming consoles this generation could still lay claim to being the first for. Sony proved me wrong today by stating they are the first home console to offer the rental and sale of HD movies from all of the major movie studios.

Here is a sample of the movies available today (pending confirmation) on the PlayStation Network from the major movie studios. The new titles and their respective studio include:

  • 20th Century Fox – “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian”, “Jennifer’s Body” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox” (on March 23)
  • Walt Disney Pictures – Disney Pixar’s “Up”, Jerry Bruckheimer’s “G-Force” and Disney’s “Earth”
  • Paramount Pictures – “Star Trek”, “Paranormal Activity” and “Zoolander”
  • Sony Pictures – “This Is It”, “2012”, “District 9” and “Zombieland”
  • Universal – “Inglourious Basterds”, “Couples Retreat” and “Public Enemies”
  • Warner Bros. Digital Distribution – “The Hangover”, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” and “The Wizard of Oz”

Looks like Sony is really doing their best to solidify their place as an all around entertainment device. With 3D TVs already on their way to American shores, and the PS3 a firmware update away from playing 3D games, looks like Sony will be saying “First” a few more times in the near future.

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  • Aaron

    There’s a new ad on the Xbox 360 dashboard that has an update with new movies from FOX and other studios.