Big Names Talk Big Franchises

Bioware’s CEO Ray Muzyka and Bungie’s creative director Joseph Staten spoke about the building of franchises at this year’s GDC in California.

Both were asked why full franchises are such a big part in the world of gaming today and they both admitted to having previous mind-sets of “anti-franchise” in their early years. Bungie was not thinking franchise when they put on the spartan armor for the first time nearly 10 years ago.

“We had absolutely no 10-year plan. But as we look to Bungie’s future, we’re a lot more forward thinking,” says Staten

Mass Effect is among the Halo world in its vast size and franchise. With the release of Mass Effect 2 earlier this year, Bioware has since started a line of DarkHorse comics, clothing and books. Both companies have expressed their future plans and say that they view every title as a potential franchise opportunity (pending a warm reception).

Upon being asked about keeping franchises fresh and current Muzyka added

“developers needed to stay humble and not be afraid to take criticism on board.”

When the two heavy weights were asked why the gaming industry loves making sequels and long stretched franchises Muzyka jokingly replied

“I guess the industry are big fans of the Police Academy series.”

With more big events and chit-chats happening in the next few days I will post some more juicy conversations soon!

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