Green Day Rock Band Coming In June

Harmonix has announced a release date for their latest band-specific game, Green Day Rock Band. June 8th you can get your Basketcase on with the worldwide release of the rhythm game on all platforms.

Green Day Rock Band

Green Day

Plan on harmonizing through all 47 tracks just like in The Beatles Rock Band. Plus, all 47 tracks will be exportable so you can play them in your other Rock Band games, including Rock Band 3! The export will run you $9.99, but buying the Plus ($69.99) edition of the game will net you the export for free, as will pre-ordering at Gamestop.

While 47 songs for $59.99 does seem a bit steep (the Wii version will be $49.99), if you’re a big Green Day fan this shouldn’t stop you. Harmonix will have plenty of pictures, visuals, and archival material to help flesh out the Green Day experience.

What’s surprising to me is the lack of a GD:RB special edition with new instruments. I would think Harmonix and EA would love to put out Green Day branded instruments, even if they are just the standard ones with Green Day emblazoned on the side.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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  • UltimateSin

    Could have picked a better band. Don’t become Guitar Hero and make 5+ games a year.