Digital Cowboys: Episode 147

DC 147

True Achievements

This week we welcome Rich Stone, founder of

For the uninitiated it’s a site that takes the 1000 point achievements of every existing Xbox 360 game and through the use of a clever metric and analasys of the achievements of its many thousand members works out what that achievement is really worth.

In other words you deserve more than just 15 points for finishing Story mode on Beatles Rock Band in less than a da. Using True Achievements you get 21 points. Find out why and how at the start of this show.

After that, for the main body of the show, we discuss with Rich the subject of Trophies and Achievements in general. We’ve got a lot of feedback from our forums on this and a lot of your opinions get voiced. Clearly they effect how many people play games now, so we explore that. If you don’t give a monkeys about achievements… well that gets voiced too.

Many many thanks to Rich for coming on the show and especially for donating £100 to our Doctors Without Borders charity gamerscore marathon. You can still donate for a little longer.

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