Food For Thought

A few weeks ago while playing Battlefield Heroes, I decided to purchase some in-game currency known as Battlefunds. Except this time instead of using a credit card I used a different payment option ‘Paymo’ this service allows the gamer to pay for Battlefunds using a mobile phone. At first I thought that will this would never catch-on, however looking through the BF Heroes forums it became apparent that quite a few players do use it and because of this easy payment method gamers are actually spending more money in the virtual store buying clothing, weapons and emotes. Its a win-win situation and it is so simple to use it works a little like this: First enter your mobile phone number, the service then sends you a text with detailed instructions showing what to do next, you then reply with a single word and boom! You have you battle funds.

Payment options currently offered by Battlefield Heroes

Now this got me thinking, what if this payment model would be used with other systems for example the Xbox 360. This type of payment method could be very useful when buying Microsoft points instead of having to purchase a redeemable code or use a credit card. Connivance would be the main aim for the payment method by offering an easier way to purchase content either on the internet or via a gaming console. I think in the future when I need to purchase more Battlefunds, I will just use my mobile phone instead of a credit card.

*Please note this was just an idea nothing more*

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