New Standards In Communications

The National Broadband Plan lays out a bold roadmap to America’s future. These initiatives will stimulate economic growth, spur job creation, and boost our capabilities in education, healthcare, homeland security and more.

News has been spreading this week of the National Broadband Plan, or plans for faster internet connections for all. This is HUGE news for the online gaming world, especially mobile gamers.   The FCC’s proposed plan to Congress will have homes reaching average speeds of 100mbps while the current average is only around 4mbps.  In this day and age it seems like the next logical step, but not everyone seems to think so.  Some companies like AT&T are calling this move next to impossible or in their words, “an extreme form of regulation”.  Fortunately not everyone is concerned about the fatness of their wallet; Cisco and Google are excited for the change and already making plans to move forward.

The obvious perk would be faster downloads.  If anyone has ever tried to “rent” a movie from XBL for the first time with company over, you may have found yourself screaming at the TV five hours later with your friends long gone.  With the new proposed plan you will have access to your games and movies within a matter of minutes, not hours.  Or for anyone who has been in the middle of a great online match only to find it lagging out halfway through, this move may seem like the answer to your prayers.

The FCC has already made small steps in trying to keep your communication providers honest by providing a free online bandwidth test.  After filling out a quick online form you will be directed to the bandwidth download.  I ran a test, and I’m extremely embarrassed at my home’s speed.  So embarrassed that I refuse to publish it on a publicly viewed site.  The funny thing is, we have called everyone and these are the fastest speeds available to us in our area.  Let’s just put it this way if we ever get three bars on Netflix we do a happy dance.  Even if it takes ten years to achieve the goal of 100mbps in 100 million homes, at least there is a push for companies to stay on the cutting edge and avoid becoming complacent.

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