Metro 2033 Launch Trailer

Metro 2033 is now in the shops or available at all the usual digital distibutors and just in case you missed the offical launch trailer you can find it below.

Metro 2033 is a very atmospheric game based on the novel Metro 2033 by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky.  The game combines RPG, survival horror and first person shooter elements to deliver what could be this years must-own survival horror shooter.

It is a purely single player game which no multiplayer whosoever, so gamers are expecting a strong story.    The game takes place in post-apcalyptic Moscow and players will spend most of the time in the metro system, dealing with other survivors and mutants. Resources are scarce so you will spend some time above ground as well, scavenging for extra supplies. As you can imagine, ammunition is also scarce and can be used as currency if needs must.

Matro 2033, is available now on PC and Xbox 360.

Credit to Gametrailers for the trailer

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