Spawn Your Games Anywhere

So imagine this: Your sitting in the airport ready to board a plane when all of the sudden your flight is delayed for 2 hours. You are stuck with nothing but the portable gaming system you packed for the flight. Gaming for you is not exciting on that small 2.5 inch screen or the two barely audible speakers. Unfortunately you are stuck with this sad excuse for gaming for the next 2 hours hoping to take away some of the boredom. Now only if you could actually play that new hot title that you just bought but sadly it is sitting at home along with your system collecting dust. Too bad there wasn’t a way to stream games and play them directly through the system. Today is your lucky day because a company thought about that traveling gamer and decided to make just a thing.

We have all heard of the sling box how it has made your television accessible anywhere you travel. Well say hello to Spawn Labs a company that has done for traveling gamers what Sling Box did for TV watchers. Now just imagine being able to walk out of your house knowing that hot new game will get the love it needs. Almost sounds too good to be true when first reading about how it all works but the technology is there to make it all work.

So what is this Spawn player?

Spawn Labs products include the Spawn HD-720, the Spawn Game pad Adapter, the Spawn Player, and the Spawn Labs website. Together, these products let gamers play their console video games – either alone or with friends – at home or on the road – from a network-connected computer as if they were sitting in front of their console and TV at home.

but it just looks like a box what can it really do?

  • When someone else is watching the TV at home, you can go to a different room in the house, plug your gamepad into a USB port on your computer, and play the games from your computer while they run on your console across your home network. Since you are playing at home, you have plenty of bandwidth, no Internet bandwidth caps, and minimal latency.
  • If you want to play a game with one of your friends, but they can’t come over, you can grant them access to play with/against you on your console from wherever they are (provided they have access to a broadband Internet connection). They can simply download the Spawn Player and install it on their computer (free of charge), plug a gamepad into a USB port on their computer, and play in multi-player mode on your console remotely while you play in the same session on your console & TV.
  • If you are travelling – at a coffee shop, airport, hotel, etc. – you can play your games using the Spawn Player from anywhere you can get a broadband Internet connection as if you were at home. You can even power your console on and off from the Spawn Player so you don’t waste energy.
  • You can now also record and share video clips of your game sessions. You can play and record simultaneously in high definition – 720p at 30 frames per second – on a cheap (e.g. $400-500) dual-core laptop. Then save the video clip to your computer’s hard drive, and upload it to YouTube to share it with your friends.
  • If you are travelling, you and a friend can both play a game running on your console at home. You can each run the Spawn Player on your computer to play remotely in multi-player mode at the same time.
  • If you want to show your friends some tricks or moves you’ve learned in a game, you can have your friends use the Spawn Player in “watch” mode to watch you play a game on your console in real-time from their computer.
  • Wait but the cost must be outrageous for something like this right? I mean your able to play anywhere you go.

    We are in luck the price for something this revolutionary is actually within a budget obtainable to most gaming enthusiast. Check out the link provided (Buy) . Purchasing all this gets you set to be gaming even while you roam far from home. Purchasing the Spawn box the controller adapter for Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 only runs at 279.85 without shipping and handeling.

    What about my computer? It worries me that it may not play!! Well again we are in luck for the actual system not much is required here is a list of what you will need.

    Physical Connectivity

    You must be able to connect the Spawn HD-720 to both: (a) your game console(s) using A/V cables and a USB cable; and (b) your broadband network using an Ethernet cable. If you cannot physically connect the Spawn HD-720 to both of these resources at the same time, it will not work.

    Also, the Spawn HD-720 accepts component/composite video and composite audio inputs to capture the A/V signal from your game console. So you will either need to:

    1. Connect your game console output jacks to the Spawn HD-720 input jacks using component video cables, and then connect the Spawn HD-720 output jacks to your TV input jacks using an additional set of component video cables. This enables pass-through, so you can play either on your console and TV, or remotely from the Spawn Player, in both cases using component video connectors, and without the need to re-wire when changing between local and remote play.
    2. If it is very important to you to use HDMI from your game console to your TV for native console gaming, then you can purchase an HDMI splitter/converter from us. In this case you would take the HDMI output from your game console and plug that cable into the splitter converter. You would then take another HDMI cable out from the splitter/converter and into your TV. And you would take a set of component video and composite audio cables out from the splitter converter and into the Spawn HD-720. (Please note that we are currently finishing integration/certification work with this HDMI accessory, so it is not yet available for sale on our storefront page.)

    Network Bandwidth

    Remote play in standard definition requires a minimum bandwidth of approx. 500kbps per remote player, and a recommended bandwidth of 1Mbps per remote player. In our experience, you will need Internet service that is marketed by your service provider of 1.5Mbps to really get sustained bandwidth of 1Mbps.

    Remote play in high definition requires bandwidth of 3 to 5Mbps per remote player.

    Any decent home router will support these bandwidth requirements for play around the home – including 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n. That said, 802.11n provides the best possible range, and as you get further out toward the edges of wireless networks, streaming video performance will suffer earlier than, for example, simple web page browsing.

    For remote play across the Internet, the uplink bandwidth of the network to which the Spawn HD-720 is attached is key. For consumers, this would be your home broadband service provided by AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, etc. Be sure you have enough uplink bandwidth to support your intended use. If you are not sure what the uplink bandwidth of your home network is, we suggest you go to and run a test from a computer on your home network. This will report both your downlink and up link bandwidth rates. We suggest that you take whatever number you get from and reduce it by approx. 25% to get a good estimate of the bandwidth rate you can sustain for an extended period of time.

    Spawn Player

    Currently the Spawn Player is only available for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It is not yet available for the Mac (although if you are running Windows in a virtual machine on your Mac, that will work).

    To play games remotely in high definition 720p video, the computer running the Spawn Player should have a dual core processor. To play remotely in standard definition, any reasonably modern processor should work.

    Now that 2 hour wait can become two more hours your pour into your gaming skills. Thanks to a small company that wanted to give the gamer a true gaming experience at home or on the road. No more wishing that you could carry your gaming system and tv with you when you have your gaming system as close as any broadband connected computer.

    Check out Spawn Labs for any more questions you may have about the product.

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    • Ben Lehman(wargamer17)

      Reminds me of OnLive. Thanks for bringing this to my attention though as it sounds interesting.

    • Sounds like a great addition to the travelling gamer but I don’t think it would be the product for me. Didn’t even hear about this product before so thanks for informing me about it

    • Just FYI one gamepad adapter comes embedded in the HD-720. So to support a single console (X360 or PS3), it’s just the HD720 = $199.95. To support two consoles (both X360 and PS3), you’d need to buy one external gamepad adapter for a combined cost of $239.90.