NIER Gets Redrawn WEEKS Before Its Release…

as a comic book!

NIER is coming to North American Shores on April 27, 2010. When the game is released, there are going to be a few questions that gamers are going to have in regards to the origin of this story and the unique characters.

Square-Enix realizes this and instead of giving us a Prequel game 2 years from now to explain things (hello Kingdom Hearts) They have partnered up with DC Comics and will be releasing a 3-part Comic series that will be available on NIER’s website, the PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live.

Behold, the cover of the first Issue!

According to the Press Release, they have some big names working on this comic, such as:

Emmy-winning creator and executive producer Ricardo Sanchez; Pop Mhan, whose work has appeared on everything from Spider-Man and Ghost Rider at Marvel Comics to Batgirl and The Flash at DC Comics; Eddie Nuñez, who works on the soon-to-be released DC Universe MMO; and, Carlos D’Anda, who has worked on notable comic book titles such as Justice League of America, Deathblow, and Lego’s Bionice, was the lead Character Designer on the bestselling Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Arkham Asylum and is the Lead concept Artist on the DC Universe MMO from Sony Online Entertainment.

This 3-part series will be available between now and the game’s release. At the writing of this article, the comics were not available online, so I suggest waiting until later on today, or possibly Thursday. I plan on reading this comic book series especially after Scott insisted that we all should support comic books in episode 10 of Lock & Load.

What about you? are you a comic book fan? will you be reading this prequel? why or why not?

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