Platform Nation At Emerald City ComiCon

Well boys and girls, I attended my first comic book convention, or convention of any kind.  I’ve traveled a fair amount, but just never managed to make it to one. This past weekend that changed, Steve and myself went to check things out.

ECCC was held at the Washington state Convention Center, downtown Seattle, which is a great scene, in general.  The building it’s self is pretty large, its got a few coffee shops and restaurants in side, both the ECCC staff and the Convention Center staff were friendly and helpful.  We nabbed our press passes without a problem and started nudging our way through the myriad of geeks and nerds we were surrounded by.  The first day’s turn out was great, people over flowed into all the conventions rooms and hallways, many of which were void of anything ComiCon related.  This brings me to something Steve Artlip mentioned, he said “during Pax all these area’s are open”.  The point is they put up false walls, creating two rooms for the various panels which were very over crowded on the first day, and a single room for all the guests, vendors, games, and pretty much anything else.  It was clear 90% of what was to be seen could be seen in a few hours, unless you were planning to gain Stan Lee, or Leonard Nimoy’s autograph, the pair would likely have taken you the entire first day to obtain. Though I am assuming the second day would have been much easier to manage, as the event was much more tame on its last day.  Several guests were no longer there, and it seemed the crowds were much smaller as well. Steve had no problem snapping a picture of Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk)

In the chaos of the first day we saw many great costumes, especially Star Wars related, an entire booth was setup up for Star Wars picture taking, and no shortage of folks wanting to put an arm around a Jedi or play with the props they had on hand. I waited to catch a couple of them walking around

We also caught a Borg, and unknown armored soldier running around assimilating the tourist’s.

(There is a few more picture’s on Platformnation’s Facebook)

343 didn’t have much going on at there booth, just two small LCD’s playing Red V.S. Blue and Halo 3 MP. I did manage to speak briefly with Joel Heyman after he finished signing free copies of Red vs. Blue, you might know him as the hilarious character Caboose on RvB, he’s a very nice guy in real life, anyone who’s played Shadowrun should check out the series he wrote 1-800-MAGIC it’s pretty funny stuff (plus we never saw enough of Shadowrun right?). The only time we saw anybody like Frank O Conner at the booth we did not actually see him as it was impossibly crowded. We checked the second day but no dice.  Also we wanted to get a picture with the guy dressed as an ODST, but alas I only saw him once, he then vanished into the crowd never to be seen again.  343 Industries, make this guy stay at the booth next year.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Here There Be Robots writer Jonah Gregory and artist Jeremy Gregory. Both are great, and there Indy comic book series Here There Be Robots  is excellent stuff, funny, it‘s got clever art, and it’s just creative as hell.  Another really cool thing about Here There Be Robots is you can read issues for free at Here There Be Robots

I will be reading their first TPB for a review, keep a look out for that.

All and all, it was great.  Steve and I agree it could easily have supported much more in the way of booths, panels, events, etc.  What was there was awesome, even with the lines most people I spoke with got to do what they came to, and with the some what smaller turn out the second day I was able to actually get into some of the vendor’s comic bens. That was without a doubt one of the best part’s about this convention, all the vendors were doing 25-50 percent off from the get go.  Also those readers or collectors looking for something rare can often find it at a convention. I even picked up several DreamWave/Image comics I have been searching for.

We did a short pod cast after the show Sunday at Fox Sports Grill, so give that a listen we talk a bit more about some of these subjects, and a few others.  I hope everyone that can, try’s to come out next year, I‘m sure P*N will be going again.

Emerald City ComiCon: Lock & Load

See you next year Emerald City ComiCon!

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  • Where is this little podcast you speak of? Sounds like it was fun aside from the 343 booth.

  • waiting on Steve to load it, I’m not sure if he forgot or had problems with it. Either way he left for vacation so it might be a few before it gets posted

  • Be careful with those conventions. I attended my first scifi convention a couple of years ago and they are addicting. It started with scifi then PAX then Comicon and now Im going to my first sakuracon. I save most of my money just so I can keep attending conventions. Its a hard life lol

  • I was thinking of going to Sakura Con for P*N.

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