Red Dead Redemption: ‘Life in the West’ Trailer

Rockstar Games’ most recent trailer for the highly anticipated RED DEAD REDEMPTION is titled ‘Life in the West’.

Via email from Rockstar:

Today we’re proud to reveal an in-depth look at the life teeming inside Red Dead Redemption.  Titled Life in the West, this full length video uncovers the hardships early 20th century settlers encountered, where everyday life brought a new struggle for survival.  The vast, sprawling world of Red Dead Redemption hides unique challenges in every area, with wild bears and snow in the North, bandits and cattle rustlers in the West, to unrest and revolution in the South.  Hundreds of characters populate each of the three areas, each with a distinct personality, and every area has its own unique ecosystem with a variety of animals and plant life.

The rich diversity of each area offers several types of challenges and rewards.  Hunting allows reformed outlaw John Marston the opportunity to skin and sell the skin in town, while a bloody battle attracts vultures, who if shot, unlock sharp shooting challenges.  Full of possibility and activity, the world of Red Dead Redemption reflects the immensity  that was the Wild West.

Red Dead Redemption is slated to be released on May 18, 2010 (NA), and May 21, 2010 (EU). Sadly, this also happens to be the release date for ALAN WAKE. If you (like me) have been looking forward to both, then be ready to cough up $120 that Tuesday.

Source: Rockstar Games’ PR

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