Xbox 360 Slim Sometime Soon?

Xbox 360 Slim will it ever be released? That’s the question many Xbox gamers are asking, now that Sony has gone ahead and released there own slim version of the PS3. Well the guys over at Kotaku have got hold of a picture which shows CPU and the GPU in a single chip.

Kotaku themselves are questioning the validity of the picture, but then go on say that an Xbox 360 Slim would coincide with the impending release of Project Natal and would be an obvious move for Microsoft to make. My guess is that we will see an Xbox 360 Slim + Project Natal Bundle around the time of Natal’s release, but only time can tell that. What do you guys think, will Microsoft actually make a Slim version of the Xbox 360 or are we just looking at a fake picture?


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  • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

    in a way i hope they do release a slim but as my ‘fat’ 360s work perfectly OK, my bank balance hopes they do not.

  • TheLegionMaster

    i will defo buy the Slim Xbox 360 console if my current second fat Xbox 360 console receive the red ring of death.

  • Yodathe3rd

    They need to put the power supply in it like the ps3 slim and they can easily do it get rid of the power brick

  • A slim 360 would be great. Solve all the issues of the original in a smaller form factor. Win freakin’ win. And it’s not like anybody will complain about not being able to use their faceplates!

  • Justin

    I have a ps3 slim, so yeah, they don’t need to steal our idea. That would be stupid of them after we came out with a slim a year ago and then xbox 360 wants to copy ps3 and come out with one.

  • me

    wow microsoft.s get desperate now coping off the ps3 with touch senitive buttons and the black finish but no blu ray and still your disc tray lol no matter how slim the new xbox is it.s still a peise for shit