Bioshock 2 Reviewed, in so Many Words

Bioshock 2 Pros:

  • A tighter, more coherent story, with a conclusion that’s much more satisfying than its predecessor—and not reliant on a gimmicky twist for its impact
  • Interesting new areas of Rapture that help flesh out its backstory and offer some new gameplay wrinkles, as well (like venturing outside in your Big Daddy suit)
  • The ability to dual-wield plasmids and weapons streamlines the combat, allowing for more tense and hectic encounters
  • Surprisingly polished online multiplayer that is clever, inventive, and fun

Bioshock 2 Cons:

  • It isn’t Bioshock 1


About our scale… the number of words in our review reflects the score of the game. In practical terms, you could assume that games reviewed in 49 words or fewer should be avoided, games reviewed in 50-75 words would make a decent rental, and games reviewed in 76 words or more would make a solid purchase.

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