Just Cause 2 Launch Trailer & Demo Success

Just Cause 2 is less than a week away from launch and surprisingly I cannot be more excited. For some reason I never got into the first game, but after playing the demo for Just Cause 2, how can you not be excited? In the demo we only got a small taste of the freedom available in the massive open world sandbox of Panau Island. For only 30 minutes to explore the environment and try out some objectives, you get a lot of content in one demo. Just check out these stats since the demo’s release; 2 million downloads and a combined playtime equivalent of driving to the moon and back four times!

Since its launch on March 4th, the Just Cause 2 playable demo has taken the internet by storm, receiving well over 2 million downloads. In that time, players have driven a distance equivalent to a trip from the earth to the moon and back four times; Panau Island has lost almost 30 million of its population (with approximately 2.5 million headshots, almost a million drivers hurled from hijacked vehicles and 27,000 Piñata kills); and players have BASE jumped the equivalent of a freefall through the Earth’s core, pole-to-pole, twice.

Available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, the demo ranks as one of the largest playable sandbox demos of all time, featuring 35 square miles of Panauan playground in which to cause complete chaos. The stunning Lautan Lama Desert setting plays backdrop to an adrenaline-fuelled and action-packed play test, featuring an astonishing amount of activities for the player, including numerous towns, villages and military bases to explore, military assassinations and air races, culminating in one explosive mission from the full game.

Still not convinced this game is going to be amazing? Check out this launch trailer that was also just release. It gives a little more insight on the game and of course plenty of destruction.

As Rico Rodriguez, the Agency’s most powerful weapon, players must take on the island of Panau and its military regime in order to track down Rico’s former boss and mentor, Tom Sheldon, who has gone rogue with millions in Agency cash and intel. Using a unique grapple and parachute combination, there is no vertical limit as the air becomes your playground: grapple a passing plane in flight, hijack helicopters, BASE jump from the tallest buildings or mountains and leave a trail of chaos and destruction in your wake. Just Cause 2 offers players the freedom to tackle missions any way they choose and, with over 100 vehicles and countless upgrades and collectibles, the choices for relentless adrenaline-fuelled action are limitless.

If that trailer wasn’t enough, check out the latest Anatomy Of A Stunt video. The things you can do in this game are endless! Want to fly up 8000 feet in a helicopter and drop a car on an unsuspecting enemy? No problem!

Just Cause 2 will be available for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Games for Windows® and will be released under the EIDOS brand portfolio. All formats will release in-stores from March 23rd, 2010, in North America and March 26th, 2010, in Europe, Middle East, and Australasia. More information is available on the official website at

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