Sam Fisher’s Quest For Vengeance On Twitter

Apparently going rogue from Third Echelon and attempting to uncover the dirty deets concealing the truth behind your daughter’s death leaves plenty of time for social media. In this particular—and extremely specific—case, I’m talking about good ol’ Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell fame.

In an effort to promote their upcoming game Splinter Cell: Conviction, Ubisoft has been e-mailing around what appears to be a picture of a torn passport that once was or currently is (depending on the status of the other half of the passport) in the possession of Fisher where he wrote an exceptionally riveting piece of modern literature: “Don’t Believe What You Hear, My Mission Is One Of Justice.” He then goes on to implore you to follow his “Quest for Vengeance” on Twitter @Real_SamFisher.

I’m all for viral marketing techniques as I actually thought the ARG shenanigans for games like Halo 2 à la I Love Bees and Heavy Rain were pretty interesting and had me keeping up with the advertising, but this seems a bit dubious. First, is it really like Sam Fisher to be tweeting, especially with such a personal unsolved mystery up in the air? And would he be Twitpic-ing images of himself wearing his trademark night vision goggles? I really don’t think so.

On the brighter, more entertaining side of things, it seems that Third Echelon doesn’t completely eradicate your sense of humor. After a movie suggestion to watch Total Recall due to Michael Ironside’s “impressive” performance (note that Ironside is the voice actor for Sam Fisher), Fisher replied with “you’ve got to be kidding me. Ironside was much better in Top Gun.” He also replied to GamesRadar’s reconstructed list of more, uh, realistic tweets. I’ve just gotta think that replying to Sam Fisher in a very serious manner has be incredibly awkward.

Source: Joystiq

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