Xbox Claims Lack Of Blu-ray Key To Success

Blu-Ray won’t be heading to Xbox 360

“We’ve just taken a different strategy. Sony bet on the physical disc, and there are costs associated with that”

There have been many rumors swirling around about upcoming features headed to the Xbox 360, a possible Xbox Slim, USB HDD support, and even mumblings of a summer season price drop. There is one rumor that can be put to rest for now, and that is the Xbox’s adaptation of a built-in Blu-Ray player.
Xbox Product Director, Aaron Greenberg, said in a recent Edge interview that Microsoft’s decision to remain DVD compatible is part of the reason the Xbox 360 has been so successful in retail sales.

“The fact that we’re able to offer a console starting at $199 is a benefit of not being burdened with that cost. Being $100 cheaper is part of the reason why we’re nearly twice their installed base.” Greenberg said referring to Xbox 360’s US installed base.  “For us, our bet was on digital distribution, that that was the future – the ability to do 1080p movies with no disc, no download required; we have the largest movie and TV library, the largest HD library of any console,”

Streaming movies with Netflix and downloading from the Xbox Live Marketplace are convenient options, especially with faster internet connections headed our way.  Could a strictly digital distribution business model be the final blow to Blu-Ray that sends it spiraling down like the ill-fated Sony product, Betamax? Only time will tell.

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  • James Martin

    Twice their install base? I don’t think so.

  • Early start factor much? If anyone has pulled a Betamax ask MS how’s that HDDVD going?

    Oh well, all three companies make stupid claims about what they don’t have helping them…typical business of the spin.

  • Also, if the 360 was going to go for HD movies on the console, they’d go with the (now dead) HD DVD. Besides, Blu-Ray’s copyright is owned by Sony, and they’d never let that get on an opponent’s console.

  • Jonathan Weeston

    What could really, potentially hurt Xbox is if 3D blu-ray really catches on, in which case owning a PS3 will really be an even more tempting option for those that are not solely concerned with gaming.

    When it comes to pure gamers I believe that the Xbox currently is the reigning champion, but the main reason that the PS3 has become so popular is because it is a vastly superior blu-ray play compared to many on the market. And if Sony gets all of their PS3’s 3D capable…well, it could mean that Microsoft will have to examine their strategy for what their next gaming console will bring to the table.

    In my opinion the Project Natal is a great step, but the lack of buttons and overall control that a physical device can offer may end up hurting it against the competition rather than help it.

    Only time will tell, however.

  • It is sad that Microsoft wants to spin it self about Bluray. Why don’t they take a user survey!!!? Because, you know why, and so do they. Just make a Bluray DVD accessory like the HDDVD player and see if it sells!
    They lie to themself and to others.
    (I have 2 Xbox360’s and the HDDVD player but I still want the Bluray accessory.)