Digital Cowboys: Episode 148

DC 148

Cheating: Featuring The Most Popular Girls on the Internet.

This week we take a look at cheating in games throughout the ages; from early button codes, to cheat cartridges all the way through to contemporary, disreputable multiplayer game exploits.

Who better to discuss this highly suspect behaviour, that virtually every one of us has dallied with, or at least encountered in some form over the years than Tara and Sassy, hosts of The Most Popular Girls on the Internet Podcast.

We reveal our fondest memories and worst experiences and cover a wide range of different ways of cheating, assessing how that impacts on the players of games and what might be in store for the medium in the near future.

If you’d like to hear more gadgets, games and social-networking banter from Tara and Sassy then check out their weekly show.

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