Lead And Gold Beta Available Now

The upcoming so called “Team Fortress 2 clone” Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West beta is available if you pre-purchase the game on Steam. It also has 10% off at pre-purchase so is available for £8.99  or the equivalent in USD. Critics may call this a clone of TF2 but from what I’ve seen it looks to capitalize on the extremely underused Wild West era and the extremely overused team multiplayer Steam gaming to provide a completely fresh experience.

The title features impressive graphics

I am currently downloading the beta so expect a beta impression tomorrow, but I’m sure if you like TF2 then you will like this.  And if anyone else is getting the beta, leave your Steam username in the comments below if you’re up for some games.

It's not all desert

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  • Hannes

    hey can i get beta version please ! 😛

  • Dave

    You can’t get the beta by asking a reviewer