New Kane and Lynch 2 Trailer – Welcome to Shanghai

What’s that you say?  You want some in-game footage of Kane and Lynch 2? OK then, here you go!

Here we have the first trailer with in-game footage and some gritty screenshots for your viewing pleasure.  From what’s been shown so far I dont think we should all be expecting to be spending much time sightseeing around the tourist parts of Shanghi, unless it’s part of a high speed chase.

Good Morning Shanghai!

No, not really. However, I hope your day is going well. Heck, even if it’s not – it just
got a whole lot better (and brutal!)

IO Interactive is proud to share the first in-game footage of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
in a trailer titled ‘Welcome to Shanghai’, which gives players a peak in to the story
and situations Kane and Lynch will be faced with.  An extended version of the trailer
can be can be found exclusively on the official Web site –

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