Perfect Dark Multiplayer Review (XBLA)

Game: Perfect Dark
Release Date: March 17, 2010
Genre: Shooter
Developer: 4J Studios
Available Platforms: Xbox 360
Players: 1-4 (2-8 Online)
Multiplayer: Versus
, Co-Op
Game Rating: M (Mature)

As you all know 4J Studios recently released Perfect Dark as an Xbox Live Arcade title. Most in not all of the graphical textures have been improved and rendered to HD quality, which allows you to play the game at 1080p. That’s not all the frame rate is now 60fps (frames per second), which not increases only the performance of the game, but also makes the overall appearance beautiful in stunning high definition in comparison to the N64 version.

The multiplayer aspect of the game works really well allowing you and several of your friends to play through the campaign cooperatively either locally (split screen) or via Xbox live.  When playing the campaign cooperatively (Co-Operative) the second player will take on the appearance of another completely different character, usually another female operative which is better than having an odd variation of Joanna Dark (the character you play as in the game). The Counter Co-Operative mode is slightly different and allows players to play as either an Agent or a Counter Agent. Both game modes can be played locally or via Xbox Live.

The Combat Simulator is also another great mode which can be played both locally and via Xbox live making this one of my favourite modes in the game. In this game mode you can choose from 16 unique arenas/maps and 6 different weapon load outs. Next we have Simulants these are  AI characters that move around the map with one objective in mind that is to kill you. These simulants come in a few different flavours, normal and special simulants. Normal simulant characters are broken down into three separate types, MeatSim, EasySim and NormalSim. These three are relatively easy to deal with and the NormalSim is the most difficult of the three and is apparently ‘as skilled as the average human player’.

Then we have the Special Simulants each with their own specialty and far too many to name or list they range from and PeaceSim  all the way to something called a VengeSim. The PeaceSim are weaponless and will hunt the level for weapons and ‘hoard them so that players cannot use them’. The VengeSims on the other hand are keen to get revenge on whoever kills them and you as the player are warned that if you kill one they (the VengeSim) will hunt down whoever killed it. Overall a very interesting game mode and I’m sure plenty of hours will be lost whilst playing it as many of the ‘Sims’ are not forces to be reckoned with.

This game has some truly unique multiplayer modes and Perfect Dark still manages to offer great entertainment many years on since its initial release on the N64. Although those textures look great from afar once you get up close they start to show their real age even with the updated graphics. With that aside this game is definitely worth the small price tag of 800 Microsoft points and is a must buy in my opinion, great game, great price.

Perfect Dark also features an excellent campaign for you to enjoy. To read the review please visit the link below.

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