A Trip To Paradise

Nearly a month ago, our own Sarah Brannan brought you an article about the new Dead or Alive Paradise for PSP. Since then, a few more details have come to light.

First, though, a quick recap.

Welcome to Paradise!

Soak in the sun and indulge your tropical fantasies with the sexy girls of Dead or Alive. Roam through your very own private island where you flirt, play and mingle with 10 perfect 10s. A good time awaits you throughout this all access party. Enjoy yourself, it’s a private paradise in the palm of your hand.

In essence, DOA Paradise is a peep show in the palm of your hand. GamesRadar even talks about the included Private Paradise mode:

It’s greyed out at the beginning and opens up once you’ve completed a cycle of the game (15 virtual days). From that point, you can revisit any of the ‘Venus scenes’ that you’ve seen where the girls kick back and relax, solo-style. You can take more photos and get them to change into any swimsuit you’ve bought so far.

And there you have it. Much like Bayonetta‘s Very Easy mode — a setting that allows you to play one-handed — Tecmo is even allowing you to enjoy the, ah…graphics…without much hassle; Private Paradise mode also includes a hands-free loop feature.

Dead or Alive Paradise will be available for the PSP on March 30th.

For more information, check out the official site.

Information on Private Paradise comes via GamesRadar.

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