EA To Release Premium Demos?

Electronic Arts is planning to deliver a new service allowing gamers to buy ‘premium downloadable content’ before the actual release of the game. Has EA found the perfect way to give fans a taster of full games before release or is this another way to get core gamers to part with more of their cash? It is a very interesting idea the question is will it work and will gamers want to use this new way of purchasing large demos before they are able to buy the full title.

One of Electronic Arts strategies will be to release what they call “premium downloadable content” on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live for $10 to $15 and then later release the full game for a full price, EA Group General Manager Nick Earl told Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter during the recent meeting.

We shall have to wait and see what future titles this new marketing strategy will apply to, I personally would like to see some kind of discount for those buying the ‘premium downloadable content’ and deduct a certain amount from the price of the full game later on.


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  • Wait… I’m confused here.
    Does this mean we pay 10-15 for a demo, then 60 for the full game when it comes out?
    There had better be a discount.
    If not, this is just… dumb.