BioWare Is Counting Down To Something

BioWare's countdown end noon on March 29th. Will you be there?

It’s speculation time again! This time, BioWare has a clock ticking away that’s set to expire on Monday 29th at noon GMT.

It was noted by the folks at BioWare’s forums that the clock appears on the homepage, on Dragon Age: Origins homepage and on Mass Effect 2‘s home page. It doesn’t appear to be included on BioWare’s upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s homepage.

Because of this, the announcement that we’re waiting for could be just tied to Dragon Age and Mass Effect, or a separate announcement for both. Mass Effect 2 PS3 version? More mixed DLC offerings? We’ll soon see.

What do you think?

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  • Wyatt Fossett (Sheriff Earp)

    Also, I bought a solid copy of Dragon Age: Awakening and there is a flier with a picture of the Dragon (from DA:origins) with a date 02/01/11 on it and NOTHING ELSE. kinda makes ya think!

  • James Martin

    Why didn’t you say that before…:p