Sheriff Earp’s Most Manted!

Since the dawn of time and the creation of the wheel, I have been waiting for the perfect western game. With a name like Wyatt and a gamertag like Sheriff Earp, why wouldn’t I, right?

In comes Rockstar San Diego and their up-and-coming freeroamer Red Dead Redemption. They teased the new IP back in 2005 during a Sony press conference and in 2009 we got to see the first official trailer.

In a recent sit down with Gamespot, RockStar San Diego’s Technical Director Ted Carson stated:

“As the studio was working on Red Dead Revolver, the potential for a Wild West game on the scale of Rockstar’s other games became obvious. The setting was so strong, and the possibilities in an open-world setting seemed endless. We clearly weren’t going to be able to fit all those ideas into the original game, which was very much a shooter. So, the fundamental challenge for Red Dead Redemption was to keep that core shooter experience and expand on everything else. The big ideas started with the goal of an open-world game in a rural setting and then layered the really challenging, but must-have, features to make that environment successful–horses that felt right, lassos that behaved properly, a massive ecosystem of animals, and a world that was both beautiful and full of things to do.”

Set in the America of 1908, you play as John Marsten, a olden-days Nico Belic. Set on a revenge plot to clean the streets of Marsten’s old gang members you embark on an open-world adventure through thick and thin.

“What appealed to us about that specific place and time was the opportunities it presented to explore things in video games that had never been attempted before. By the early years of the 20th century, the frontier was already conquered, and there was a great deal of social upheaval. The cowboys, gunslingers, and stagecoaches of the mid-1800s were literally disappearing with each passing day.” Said Carson

The game also revolves around large moral decisions. Originally set for release earlier this year, Red Dead Redemption was pushed back to late April and now if slated for mid May. So will this game bring the whole package everyone seems to be STOKED for? We will only have to wait and find out. I know my money is on RDR but nothing will stop me from getting excited that the wait is soon to be over!

Red Dead Redemption


Release Date : May 18th 2010

*Dead 0r Alive*

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