Stuff N Snuff

In an earlier article named Stuffing Beating Good Time gamers got a look at the new title coming to consoles called Naughty Bear. There wasn’t much info about the title until now it seems the game will be released June 8th. Much of the gameplay will be based on beating the stuffing out of other fuzzy bears. You take out your frustrations by picking out one of the many weapons such as a shot gun to blow apart your foe, or a wire to choke the life out of them.

Naughty Bear is a score based game the more gruesome the move the higher the score. Though the game play stays fresh by adding many other types of bears to fight back. You will run into police bears that will shoot back ripping out your stuffing. Residents of the town will also brandish pistols to take you out or send ninja bears your way to kill you.  Murdering is not your only goal though you are meant to instill fear in the hearts of the towns bears. Taking out targets or heading into certain buildings to play into those fears.

Naughty Bear throws in a great style where you can use stealth to take down your enimes. Crawl through the tall grass break out a window then hide in a locker. Each NPC will respond in a different manner some with fear some with caution others will be out right aggresive towards you. The HUD will scroll text across the top letting you know how the NPC’s are feeling so you can keep an eye on what to do next. Bears can even be scared to the point of suicide.

The only downside I can see to this game is that the game play will get old very quickly. Hopefully when the game comes out it can prove me wrong and show that it will be a fresh change in the pace of other games. I am also hoping to see that the developers add in some DLC that make the game more in depth either adding new levels or new weapons. Though I will hold my final judgement until the game actually hits store shelves.

Images thanks to Joystiq

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