Top Five Guns In Gaming

5. Fallout 3: Fat Man

Everyone loves the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System in Fallout 3. It allows you to pick apart enemies in slow-motion kick-ass fashion. Now take that formula and add a nuke launcher. This shoulder-mounted weapon makes quick work of anything and everything in the vicinity, including you if you’re not bright.

4. Halo 3: Battle Rifle

Major League Gaming pros worldwide make fine use of Master Chief’s battle rifle, but most casual players have little or no skill with this gun. Deadlier than swine flu, the battle rifle unleashes three bullets at a time. Although its bullet output is less than most other Halo weapons, if you make these bullets count, it only takes a few strikes to take someone out.

3. Counter-Strike: Desert Eagle

All terrorists and counter-terrorists know the pain and controller damage produced by this mega pistol. No one can mistake the sound of this handheld pleasure as it discharges its metallic load into the heads of foes. Campers beware!

2. Super Metroid: Ice Cannon

Everyone marvels about his or her favorite Super Metroid weapon upgrade. But hands down, the Ice Cannon was the most bad-ass. Instantly freezing your enemies, it not only rendered them immobile, but also allowed you to use foes as your own personal staircase—and we all remember those long-ass vertical corridors filling the game. Unless you were in a coma—and that’s hardly a valid excuse—you got your hands on Super Metroid when Samus was still fresh. The ice cannon amped up the side-scrolling action.

1. Doom: BFG 9000

Fittingly, this weapon was nicknamed the “room sweeper”—enough said. I’ll elaborate by noting the fact that BFG stands for “Big Fucking Gun”, and that it was. It was hard to come across for novice Doom players, but those loyal know all of its spawn points. This big beauty literally left you knee deep in the dead.

So, these are my picks. Is your favorite video-game gun not on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Jake Green

    what about the gravity gun and portal gun, surely they are better than any of the guns in this list. especially the battle rifle which is utter pap in my honest opinion 😛

  • Wyatt Fossett (Sheriff Earp)

    “So, these are my picks. Is your favorite video-game gun not on this list? Let us know in the comments.”

    hence my closing statement 😛

  • Nick

    Whaaa? No gravity gun? Dissapointment.

  • no golden gun?

  • wtf

    Battle Rifle? Seriously? That gun is horribly weak and like all other Halo guns has poor bullet firing sounds… Resistance should definitely be in this list. It possibly deserves two weapons on here…

  • Novangel

    Whoever wrote this has no taste in guns.

  • Wyatt Fossett

    guys! it’s my opinion. It cannot be “wrong” if it’s my opinion. these are my top 5 guns that have influenced play.

    if you have a different Idea what would be in you top 5, let me know.