x Scorch 360 Brings Mouse Control to Xbox

The x Scorch 360 controller by Bannco is a split mouse controller that will bring mouse control to all of your favorite 360 games… sort of.

First of all there is this note in the Bannco press release:

Note:  Requires a wired xBox controller to initiate the xBox console.  Once initiated Scorch does not use the controller.

Requiring a wired controller leaves a good portion of 360 owners will be left out in the cold. We have contacted Bannco for clarification.

The controller, which connects to you 360 wirelessly  through a USB dongle, has two halves. One half, a mouse with the face buttons located on the side, controls the aiming/right stick and te other half, a Wiimote-looking stick contains the left stick and Left-Trigger/LB.

This all sounds great for would be PC gamers who want a more natural controller, sadly these mice really just remap the analog stick to a mouse which gives it a unnatural feel. Having used their sister product the FRAGnStein (the PS3 version of the same controller) it does take a while getting used to but it is certainty a viable alternative to the standard controllers.

Throw in a rapid fire button, full support for use on PC as a mappable controller and mouse and firmware upgrades you have a well featured split mouse controller that is the first of the kind for the 360. But if hurdles  like connecting through a wired controller are required its not surprising  we haven’t seen one of these before.

You can get the x Scorch 360  for $80, which despite Bannco’s claim of being priced ” in the range of a regular PC game mouse,” definitely puts it in the top tier.

Bannco Announces “x Scorch 360”

New York, March 12, 2010 – Bannco Corp, (Bannco) today announced the

Release of x Scorch 360 for the xBox 360.

Scorch 360 is a wireless game mouse and grip for the xbox.  It is compatible with all games on the xbox.

Features include customizable xBox controller button set. With a right-hand mouse for

targeting prey and a left-hand grip for movement. Scorch 360 is the most advanced

xBox 360 controller in the world. Complete programmability, digital sniper buttons and upgradeable firmware provide unprecedented levels of customization.

Scorch 360 is also a full featured wireless PC gaming mouse with extra buttons and left hand control for WASD, making it the world’s first universal cross-platform FPS tool for the xBox PS3 and PC gaming. The suggested retail price is $79.99 USD making it in the same price range as a regular PC mouse but with the added bonus of full xBox support.

Scorch is the ultimate console controller while also offering an ideal PC first-person shooter experience.

The 1600 DPI, 500Hz refresh rate low-lag laser mouse meets all high-end PC mouse needs. The included PC software allows users to adjust or reprogram any button to the exact feel they expect from a high-end controller.

Re-sellers, licensors and retailers have or are getting inventory now and the product can be purchased by locating sellers on the Bannco sales map.

A short video with Scorch 360 can be seen at:

For more information, or to arrange product samples for retail buyers and game

hardware reviews, visit the Bannco web site at, or e-mail

Note:  Requires a wired xBox controller to initiate the xBox console.  Once initiated Scorch does not use the controller.

Note:  You will need to use a wireless communicator with the xBox 360 to use voice along with Scorch.

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