An Original Replika Is Coming…

to your PS3!

in 3-D!

Biodroid Productions announces ‘Replika’ a new title currently in development for the PlayStation Network.

Replika is an action/strategy hybrid cyberpunk adventure. According to the press release and unnamed female will be the lead character.

Details are still scarce on this upcoming game, but one thing that DID catch my eye is the fact the game is being developed with native stereoscopic 3D support in order to “provide the player a truly immersive gameplay experience.”

There is no word from the official website as far as a release date, or which countries will get this game as any details for the game are still pretty thin at the time this article went live, but I will be sure to keep the Platform Nation up to date as more details emerge.

With the announcement of Nintendo’s new “3DS” and the presence of 3D TVs in Best Buy, seems like the 3-D game revolution is starting to pick up. What do you think? Is 3D really the next step, or is this just going to be a passing fad?

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  • I’m not a fan of 3D at all!!

    Great choice for the article title!!

  • I’m just worried about everyone who might buy one of these new TVs and then a movie comes out that’s incompatible with it,

    or 5 years down the road when the industry says “Guess what? those TVs & Glasses you just bought? you don’t need them because 3-D is popping RIGHT out the screen!!!”

    so far, I do like the approach Nintendo is taking for their “3DS” time will only tell.

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