Blur Lets The Top Down

Hey, how’s that Blur beta going?

You having fun tweeting about your races?

What’s that? you say you’re bored because you are stuck at level 10?

You say you need more cars?

You could use a couple more mods and challenges?

Well, let’s do something about that!
Blur announced that on Thursday, March 25th they are raising the level cap from 10 to 15 and by doing this releases the following items for you to explore:

Additional Cars Unlocked:

– Corvette ZR1 (Class B)

– Koenigsegg CCX-R (Class A)

Additional Mods Unlocked:

– Iron Fist (Increases damage of a Power-up hit)

– Last Gasp (Player fires a Barge when Wrecked)

Additional Challenges Unlocked:

– Demolition Challenge Pack (16 new challenges)
I trust that these new upgrades and unlocks will keep you entertained until the game’s arrival later this year.

Take a look at these Screenshots of the 2 new cars and what the menu should look like with these new updates

@dtownsend23: Now, if we could only get a PS3 beta going… #dontjudgeme

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