Game Room Is Available And Broken? *Update*

So Microsoft’s Game Room has been launched today but according to reports its broken? Many gamers are reporting that when they start the game, it will hang on the loading screen and won’t let you play. Major Nelson tweeted that they know there is a problem and that a fix is on it’s way soon. If your the impatient kind and want to play the Game Room right away, has a temporary fix which will allow you to play the Game Room. The temp fix requires you to get to the loading screen; sign out then remove your Ethernet connection and sign back in. For the full details head here.

Seems like a little bit of work needs to be done in order to play a game that you should be able to play straight away. I personally will just wait until the fix is released by Microsoft and then try out the Game Room. That brings me onto a question for you the reader, will you try the temporary fix or wait until the official fix?

Add Game Room to your Xbox 360 download queue

So it seems that the technical problems Game Room was having have ceased to exist, so you can download it and enjoy those 8 bit classics problem free.

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  • Well, since I’m at work, I’ll wait until it is fixed. I’d like to try it on Games For Windows Live but it won’t let me sign in so either way I’m left waiting.

  • Tatsu24

    It’s fixed – download & enjoy!