Modern Warfare 2 Versus Real Life

Apparently, British shows are all about building ridiculous things. One in particular called The Gadget Show on British broadcasting network Five (which shows a very eclectic mix of programs, including something called Chinese Food in Minutes and Melrose Place) built a very real and very awesome replica of The Pit level from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Of course, simply building something like that wouldn’t be nearly enough, so they had Jason Bradbury, one of the show’s hosts, challenge a former SAS operative to the course.

However, Bradbury would be running the course on an Xbox 360 while the real life soldier “Sid” would be doing it all for real with real guns and live ammunition.

I won’t spoil it for you on who wins, but even from the outset, I felt there were some things that needed to be immediately questioned. For one, how good is Bradbury at shooters and games in general? Did Sid get a chance to look over the course as Bradbury undoubtedly has? Would accuracy be taken into account? Why does Sid only have pre-pubescent facial hair?

Regardless, neither managed to shatter any Pit records. This one particular video may not be the fastest, but it does have the coolest music synchronization, which is definitely more important than setting records.

Source from Kotaku.

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