PlayStation Move Does Minority Reporting

Last week, Engadget did another installment of The Engadget Show and featured something very exciting: exclusive PlayStation Move demos. The show covered other topics like the MIT Media Lab and talked with Nicholas Negroponte from One Laptop Per Child, but the meat of the event was having Dr. Richard Marks and Anton Mikhailov from Sony come on stage to talk and demo Move with Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky and Paul Miller.

This first video shows some of the old standby demos that Sony has shown almost nonstop since the Move’s announcement, but also shows off how the Move can do some sweet Minority Report style interfaces.

This second video doesn’t have any gameplay footage and is instead an after-the-show interview with Anton about Move development. Apparently the multi-touch demo was coded in one night by just Anton and one other developer the night before the show, which is quite impressive. Though the two of them probably have incredibly intimate knowledge of the Move libraries (Anton codes them, after all), but the fact that something that complex can be created over the course of one night is absolutely incredible.

The third and final video feature nothing too exciting and is just more of Miller and Mikhailov playing Move Party. This one probably isn’t worth watching unless you like watching people swat virtual bugs and cut virtual hair.

Overall, I’d say these demos, despite Topolsky and Miller pulling their usual screwball-ish antics, have impressed me way more than anything Sony showed earlier this month at the Move unveiling. It may seem like the easy way out to associate this sort of innovation with the Minority Report label, but that downplays just how impressive this technology actually is. Anton really hit the nail on the head when he talked about content creation with the Move. This could really change things.

Of course, it could also be a completely waste of money, so who knows. For additional footage of the same stuff from a different source at lower quality, you should check out the more private demonstration put on by Sony for Kotaku in which Anton attempts to build a very sad Eiffel Tower.

Source from Joystiq and Engadget.

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